AGM is one of the first and leading companies in Brazil to offer the documents guard services, control and organization, possessing extensive experience, safety and advanced technology.

We have a diverse team and trained to analyze and classify documents, cataloging and storing in their own packaging, identified with bar code to facilitate tracking and consultation.

24 hours

Security Fire

Free Environment
Pests and humidity



Inquiry by Delivery,
Withdrawal or Email


It is aimed at companies that need to store and preserve important and strategic documents or even those that are required by law but which do not have physical space, or do not have adequate security and structure.

AGM collects or receives documents for archiving. Organizes, classifies and boxes as the company's needs, identifies the boxes with bar code to access and screening and then stored in controlled and secure areas.

The customer can consult documents in the warehouses of the AGM, receive at its headquarters or, if they are digitized, to receive by email. We have warehouse located in Gamboa, near the center of Rio de Janeiro and Pavuna near the city's main access roads.


AGM have areas specially designed to keep documents, pest free and insects, with controlled access, 24 hour surveillance and a strict system of fire protection, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of stored information.

The document management service AGM is done by its own system, fully automated, allowing query, request withdrawal and index documents quickly and securely and can be accessed at any time via the internet.

it works

Analysis of customer needs

Made by a technical team specialized in cataloging and indexing of documents in which is prepared a project and approved by the client.

Indexing and Storage

We identified in the documents we condition in special boxes, properly labeled with a bar code, and then store shelves in specially developed for this purpose.


The customer can consult their documents AGM in special rooms, or request the submission of documents for your company using own or AGM transportation.


Document Scanning

Turn paper documents into electronic files that can be viewed online, with total security, or be written in pen drive, CD or DVD and physically stored.

Secure Document Destruction

To prevent high security documents are disposed of incorrectly, the AGM offers shredding services with maximum security, and the amount of chips or recycling of the destroyed paper can be returned to the customer.



  1. General Report boxes;
  2. Reports by default boxes;
  3. Report boxes broken down by sector;
  4. Transit boxes report;
  5. Moving boxes in the period;
  6. Relationship boxes destroyed and / or returned for destruction.


Guarantee our customers the realization of logistics services and document management, according to the agreed requirements with competence, reliability, integrity, and under the principles of continuous improvement.

To this end, AGM undertakes to:

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AGM provides smart and effective solutions for logistics management, possessing warehouses and offices in Rio de Janeiro and Paraná.